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Some Testimonials

You are absolutely fabulous. My employees had an amazing time. I am still receiving thank you emails. No less than 10 people requested your phone number - I hope we are able to facilitate additional business for you. I will only have you at our future events, period.

Cynthia Newman
Morgan Stanley


Thank you so much for making my wedding night such a memorable event. You and all your band members were amazing. I wanted to dance all night long, and my new husband and I were actually disappointed to go to our honeymoon suite, we wanted the dancing to continue!!! Thank you for arranging our first dance and our father/daughter dance. They were perfect.

Jennifer Golub Marcus

I want you to know how wonderful you were and how much everyone enjoyed your music at the wedding. We had so many guests comment about the music and the performance and how great it was. Thanks so much for everything. You're the best!

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Hodges

We are always reminiscing about you and your band and the wonderful time we had with your entertainment. You made Victor’s 50th an unforgettable event.

Warmest regards,
Lily Griego

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for your fabulous music. The band is sooooooooooo great. Love the mix up of various era’s of songs. My clients were so happy with everything, especially the MUSIC. They (and I did too) loved the ceremony vocals. Amazingly fabulous!!!

Gail Garceau
Wedding Coordinator

Thank you so much for all of your hard work in making our wedding so special. Everything was absolutely perfect and we thank you for that. Every detail was exactly how we had envisioned and we know how hard the DC Band worked to keep the party going all night. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with the best night of our lives. We knew from the moment we saw you on video you were what we needed to keep our guests on the dance floor. We have been corresponding for two years and we can’t believe it was over so fast. You were absolutely the life of the party. Thank you for learning the song for us, it was a big hit, I hope you add it to your song list.

Thank you so much,
Paige and Bobby Kouretchian

I just wanted to reiterate by sincerest and profoundest LOVE for the Durell Coleman Band!! I have NEVER been to a wedding that rocked that hard, if I do say so myself. If my guests weren't on the dance floor, than I didn't catch up with them, because that is where I spent my ENTIRE night of my wedding!! From their performance of our first song (right on tempo, thankfully, since we were banking on our dance lessons to get us through that!), to their willingness to play “September” twice in honor of my cousin who recently died, to the amazing surprise of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.” Those are just some of the highlights of the night- there were so many!! I think I told Durell before he left that I must have lost 5 lbs that night because I couldn't stop dancing. My shoes came off at 7:30 and I boogied barefoot til 1 am!!!

Annie Murphy Stevenson

There was so much joy at this wedding I thought the couple might actually burst wide open. And they were so smart in having the absolute best band I’ve ever heard play at a wedding - The Durell Coleman Band. If you are having a wedding and plan on having a band you must talk to these guys!

Leigh Miller Photography